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Abiliti is a member of the SophiaTX Foundation which provides an innovative open source blockchain platform with state-of-the-art solutions.


Abiliti X Business Net

A consortium blockchain that is professionally serviced and managed with permission levels. It is open to and controlled by a pre-selected group of members, such as corporations and other entities, who can view and submit transactions within the network. The data in the network can be viewed publicly or restricted for use by only selected participants.

SophiaTX Blockchain

Public blockchain which allows anyone within the network to view and submit transactions as well as take part in the consensus process. Users in the public blockchain have the option to remain anonymous.

Private Blockchain

Highly centralized and controlled by a single entity determining who can access, participate in the consensus mechanism, and conduct transactions within the network.



Fewer Intermediaries

A true peer-to-peer network that can reduce reliance on several types of third-party intermediaries such as banks, lawyers, brokers and more.


Blockchain is programmable – which makes it possible to automatically trigger actions, events, and payments once assigned conditions are met.


The distributed and encrypted nature of blockchain makes it difficult to hack. This shows promise for businesses and IoT security.

Faster Processes

Blockchain can speed up the process execution in multi-party scenarios and allow for faster transactions that aren’t limited by office hours.

Cost Reduction

Distributed ledgers can provide a quick ROI by helping businesses create leaner, efficient, and more profitable processes.


Information in blockchain is viewable by all participants and cannot be altered. This helps reduce risk, fraud, and creates a new form of trust.

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Transparency and trust

Improving lead times and securing critical

Productivity and collaboration

Driving productivity and efficiency in construction projects.

Track and trace

Eliminating counterfeit products and enabling track and trace.

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of the Global GDP will be enabled in blockchain technology by 2027.