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SophiaTX Public Blockchain

A public blockchain which allow anyone within the network to view and submit transactions as well as take part in the consensus process. It is tailored for extending traditional enterprise applications, containing integration APIs to SAP and other enterprise software, covering leading ERP, CRM and SCM systems.

Abiliti X Business Net

Abiliti X provides the SophiaTX platform under a consortium blockchain that is professionally managed and serviced with permission management. It is open to and controlled by a pre-selected group of members, such as corporations and other entities, who can view and submit transactions within the network.

Private Blockchain

Highly centralized blockchain controlled by a single entity determining who can access, participate in the consensus mechanism, and conduct transactions within the network.

Abiliti S

SophiaTX Blockchain platform tailored for telecommunications companies helps reduce fraud schemes, improves user identity management, and increases security against DDOS attacks and data leakage.


Blockchain wallet that is fully GDPR compliant and can be used to store data such as medical, university, personal ID and more…

Artificial Intelligence.

Identify patterns and find meaning in large data clusters.

Enhanced Supply Chain l Improved Decision Making l Increased Quality of Outcomes l Data Analysis l Ticket & Task Management

Academy X.

Understand new technologies and advance your area of expertise.

Senior Leadership Programs l Executives Program l Project Managers l Developers

Ideate Innovation Workshop

Create business case ideas powered by blockchain technology.

Inspire Blockchain Workshop

Develop innovative strategies driven by blockchain.

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